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Degen Health

Degen Daily Boost

Degen Daily Boost

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  • Energy, Focus, and Recovery.
  • Superfood & Adaptogen Formula.
  • Zero Artificial Ingredients.
  • Zero Added Sugar.
  • Privately Owned Small Business.
  • cGMP Manufacturing.

Our 100% superfood & adaptogen ingredients are proven to help you recover, restore, and perform. This formula was engineered to deliver focus & energy, help your immune system perform, aid digestion and detox (liver help), and aid anti inflammatory responses in the body. This is accomplished through our highly functional superfood ingredients, without sacrificing taste.

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Our Ingredients



  • 750mg Beet Root Extract, for liver support, cardio support, blood flow.
  • 400mg Lion's Mane Mushroom for increased focus, and gut protection.
  • 200mg Green Spirulina for its robust vitamin & mineral profile.
  • 120mg Green Tea Caffeine to help you focus - Not a huge energy boost.
  • 100mg Shiitake Mushroom Extract for "Polysaccharides", these reduce inflammation, and help your immune system.
  • 100mg Astragalus Root to help support healthy liver function, and reduce inflammation.

Zero added sugar - Degen is flavored naturally through our ingredients, and with Non-GMO Stevia Leaf extract. Zero artificial bullsh*t.


A unique, and highly versatile blend of superfoods and adaptogens. Degen is used to increase focus, immune booster, pre-workout, and as a hangover remedy.

Those are bold claims, we know. Don't believe us? Read our Amazon Reviews.

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Zero Added Sugar

Zero Added Soy

Superfood & Adaptogen Formula

Small Business

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